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Vincent Zorn

Charlottesville, Virginia Gypsy Rumba Guitarist

Drawing influence from the gypsies of Southern France, he developed his unique percussive technique that utilizes a diverse array of strumming styles, rhythms, and taps. Vincent has studied in Spain, Turkey, and most recently in Mexico with International Recording Artists, The Blonde Gypsies : Latcho & Andrea

As founder and composer of flamenco-dance band, Last Caravan, and gypsy guitar/violin duo, Vincent & Vedant, he has toured extensively. Vincent now resides in Charlottesville, Virginia where he performs weekly as a soloist, and with his gypsy rumba duo Berto & Vincent.

Vincent uses Jose Luis Diaz Reyes Flamenco Guitars, Cordoba Guitars and Daniel Mari strings exclusively.

Berto & Vincent


Combining the untamed spirit of wild gypsy rumba with the smoothness and soul of latin guitar. High energy, sophisticated, fun live performances weekly.