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In the event of an accident, an act of God, or any other contingency beyond the artists’ control and not due to their fault or negligence, preventing them from performing their obligations, this contract shall remain in full force and effect, and the artist’s failure to perform due to such contingency shall not be considered a breach of this contract.  In the event of illness, the artist will find a substitute who can provide the service contracted for.  A full refund will be issued to the Purchaser if no substitute is available.


In the event that the Purchaser cancels any performance no less than three (3) months in advance of the performance date, the Purchaser will pay the artist, as liquidated damages, one half of the guaranteed fee. In the event that the purchaser cancels the above performance no less than two (2) weeks before the above agreed upon date, the purchaser will pay the artist, as liquidated damages, the full guaranteed fee agreed to be paid for such performance.