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Vincent’s main guitar is a Flamenco Blanca (2010) made by Paracho, Michoacan, MX,  luthier Jose Luis Diaz Reyes.
Other guitars include : Flamenco Negra (2014) / By Vincent Zorn & Hans Pukke – Santa Barbara, Ca.
Flamenco Blanca (1998) with Lr Baggs Anthem SL Pickup / By Jose Luis Diaz ReyesParacho, Michoacan MX
Flamenco Negra (1997) / By Jose Luis Diaz ReyesParacho, Michoacan MX

Mari Flamenco & Classical Guitar Strings
I use #300ph Mari Professional Flamenco & Classical Guitar Strings in hard tension from OstrieMusicSupplies.com on my guitars.
These flamenco & classical guitar strings stand out for their brilliant tone and long life.

Bartlett Clip On Mics
DPA Microphones d:vote™ 40009G

Bose L1 Compact
Bose T1 ToneMatch

Boomerang III Phrase Sampler + Sidecar
Aura Spectrum DI Preamp
Neunabar Wet Reverb

Mogami Instrument Cables
Tone-Rite : premier play-in device

Ernie Ball Volume Pedals