Latcho & Andrea
The Blonde Gypsies.
Based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this Husband & Wife
duo lived in Gypsy Caravans for years and plays true Gypsy Flamenco Music.
Gypsy – Boogaloo! Flamenco guitar and Funky Fiddle.
Music Group featuring the musical talents ofGeo Uhrich and Cheko Ruiz
Ensamble Vientos del Sur

Ensamble Vientos del Sur is a Latin band based in Santa Barbara Ca.
Production & Distribution of Camargue Gitane Music – Ricao
Artist, Musician, Graphic Designer. You name it, he does it.

Middle Eastern restaurant and Hookah lounge in Santa Barbara
Latin cuisine from Spain, Mexico and Latin America
Latin cuisine from Spain, Mexico and Latin America
Latin cuisine from Spain, Mexico and Latin America
Luxury resort, Ocean views, and fine dining in Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara based Photography team
Santa Barbara based Floral Designer

Robert K. Montalvo
Santa Barbara Photographer. This guy can make anyone photogenic!

American Society of Composers and Publishers
CD Baby: a little CD store with the best new independent music.
Online automated cd duplicators



Even though Vincent performs weekly, please dont hesitate to inquire regarding midweek and weekend private & corporate events.

Vincent Zorn is a Charlottesville, Virginia Flamenco guitarist available to perform in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Charlottesville and beyond for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions, anniversaries, corporate and private events, fund raisers, wine tastings, or any special occasion.

Call Vincent at 805-679-3154 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL VINCENT



Mari Flamenco & Classical Guitar Strings

I use #300ph Mari Professional Flamenco & Classical Guitar Strings in hard tension from on my guitars.
These flamenco & classical guitar strings stand out for their brilliant tone and long life.

Guitar Mic & Guitar Mic B Clip On Guitar Microphones are the most transparent pickups on the market. With no modifications to my instruments these pickups bring out the natural tone of my guitars with little, or no, feedback issues.


Vincent’s main guitar is a Flamenco Blanca (2010) made by Paracho, Michoacan, MX,  luthier
Jose Luis Diaz Reyes. Other guitars include : Flamenco Negra (2014) / By Vincent Zorn & Hans Pukke – Santa Barbara, Ca.
Flamenco Blanca (1998) By Jose Luis Diaz ReyesParacho, Michoacan MX
Flamenco Negra (1997) / By Jose Luis Diaz ReyesParacho, Michoacan MX


Bose L1 Compact
Bose L1 S1 Pro
Bose T1 ToneMatch


Boomerang III Phrase Sampler + Sidecar
Aura Spectrum DI Preamp
Neunabar Wet Reverb
Mogami Instrument Cables
Tone-Rite : premier play-in device

Ernie Ball Volume Pedals